Monday, April 30, 2012

Patience (of a sort) pays off

Lookie, the passionfruit vine must have heard all my complaints about it being a stupid-infertile-good-for-nothing-hasn't-produced-a-flower-in-nearly-three-years-maybe-we-should-just-pull-it-out-and-start-again.

But is it a funny time of year for passionfruit to be flowering?

Monday, April 9, 2012

E's birthday fiesta(s)

Our baby turned two last week. What a week it was for her. It actually started the Friday before with a cake at playgroup. Daddy as well as the cake came to playgroup which was very exciting.


The day of E's actual birthday (Tuesday), D and I both stayed home. (Normally E goes to Granny on a Tuesday and I think Granny, who had been planning special birthday activities, was a little disappointed to hear that her services were not required that day). We started the day with pancakes, and proceeded quickly to presents. Then it was off to Scitech. A hollow half-sphere around which a ball could be rolled around and around was a source of particular fascination. We also enjoyed a fish tank with a hole in the middle in which you could put your head for special fish viewing pleasure, and a mirror that made wonky reflections. After a two and a half hour sleep (a very nice birthday present for Mummy & Daddy!) the afternoon involved lots of painting in the garden. (Thank you Aunty Katherine for the well-timed art smock present!)

On Easter Saturday we had a little party at home with all the immediate family. Chocolate cakey (with candles) had been requested and produced. I even managed to make it in the shape of Eli's beloved Bop. Aside from lots of crumbs in the icing, lending a more dalmatian-like finish to our version than the original, it turned out quite well.  
As well as cake the party involved (as all parties should) lots of presents, food and cuddles with special people.

Happy birthday darling girl. Mummy and Daddy take such pleasure in you and are so proud of all your achievements. It is a joy to watch you grow up.

**There is a version of this post on my private blog with more photos**
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