Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Yesterday we got up at our usual time but E got herself dressed and ate breakfast without being asked 17 times and so no one yelled and getting ready felt easy instead of an ordeal.
Yesterday C and I walked to the library and borrowed books and CDs and I started singing nursery rhymes at low volume at one point to stop the grizzling and every time I paused she yelled "more! more!"
Yesterday C slept for an hour and a half.
Yesterday  C produced four dirty nappies and had three baths because her poor little bottom is so red and sore that she sobs and says "nooooo!" when I put her on the change table.
Yesterday C got up from her nap and we ate watermelon and then a slice of chocolate brownie and then she said "more? Moooore!" And I said "no, eat your watermelon" and she said "wh-yyyy?" and I said "because it's good for you" and she said "wh-yyyy?" and I said "because it's red and sweet and juicy" and she said "wh-yyyy? More? More?" And so I gave her another slice.
Yesterday it was 27C and I put C in a dress because she is finally walking enough that a dress doesn't annoy her and when she wears a dress I can see her fat brown knees.
Yesterday when we picked E up from school she ran straight out of the classroom and hurtled against me and wiped her nose on my tshirt and stepped on my foot and I hoped that she is never too big to want to run straight out of the classroom and into a hug.
Yesterday it was 27C and I took washing off the line warm and it smelt of sunshine and grass.
Yesterday I noticed blossoms on the apricot tree for the first time this year.
Yesterday after dinner C lay on the trampoline and E bounced her and they rolled around together and laughed and laughed.
Yesterday nothing much happened.
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