Friday, July 9, 2010


Last night, Little E, aged 13 weeks and 5 days, slept for 8.5 hours!!!

She had a "dream feed" (D gives her a bottle without waking her up) at 10:00pm and she was pretty unenthusiastic about it, drinking about 80ml instead of the usual 100ml and taking quite a while to do it. She has been doing tihs a bit lately, so we are hopeful that sometime soon she may not need the dream feed at all, and may sleep from 8:00 or so until morning. A 16 week old baby at our mother's group apparently does this, and I was very impressed when I heard about it, but now it is seeming like a not-so-unrealistic prospect. 

At about 5:00am she was stirring, so I reached into the cot, gave her a pat and her dummy, expecting that it wouldn't work and we would be getting up for food in a few minutes. Instead we both went back to sleep for another 80 minutes or so. Now to figure out what the magic was last night, and to repeat it tonight!


ANB said...

Postscript: and 9 hours last night! Seemingly the magic is a long sleep in the afternoon (about 2 hours), then staying awake for a long period in the evening (from about 5pm to 8pm). Then a bottle at 10pm, then sleep sleep sleep until morning!

Emily said...

Hooray!!! I was going to text you yesterday to see if the magic had reoccurred. What a superstar : )

Have to say that Eli must have whispered something into Henry's ear on Friday as yesterday he slept for over three hours in the afternoon and then was out like a light in the evening for another 12 hours. I LOVE sleep!!

ANB said...

Three cheers for our little people all round!

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