Friday, December 16, 2011

Toilet training trauams

This is one of the things that my pre-pregnant self would be horrified to find out.

I have just been googling for something called "Potty Time Tinkles." 

Potty Time Tinkles? Hello? Where is the grown up world when you want it? Obviously lurking somewhere beyond the door, in a land where poo-poos and wee-wees do not get done on the rug. 

So far I have discovered that Potty Time Tinkles has some competitors, known as "Potty Patty" and "Potty Scotty", for the little madam and master who need help comprehending that the white plastic edifice is not just for perching on whilst doing puzzles or building block towers. Naturally, Potty Patty and all her little friends and enemies are quite ridiculously priced. (I have to say, that if you were the designer, why wouldn't you charge extortionately? Your target audience is parents who have spent half the morning standing unfruitfully (excusing the pun) in the bathroom exhorting the virtues of the toilet, only for the desired deposit to land on the carpet the second they have given up and taken their eyes off said toddler. At this point $49.95 for a small plastic doll doesn't sound too bad).

So. Obviously the focus at our house this week is all things below the belt. How is everyone else's week? And does anyone know of a miracle working doll or other fantastic toilet training tip?


Melissa Jane said...

We rather enjoyed Elmo's Dvd, Elmo goes Potty. Who would think it was such a big business.

Anonymous said...

My best advice - after training a dozen kids (four of whom are my own), is to wait until they are at least three - the difference is potty training taking six months or six days :)

allison tait said...

Potty Time Tinkles? I'm with you! What in the world has happened to us?? Fortunately all potty training is well behind us now. Thank heavens!

Visiting via the Rewind.

MultipleMum said...

I am stuck in the middle of TT twins! They are (mostly) dry by day but the night is another story. TT brings out the worst in us all don't you think? All those silly, cutesy names are passive aggressive cover-ups! It is the parenting low. Thanks for Rewinding x

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