Sunday, January 8, 2012

A very berry new year

To see in the new year we planted three berry plants that D's brother gave us for Christmas - from left to right: raspberry, silvanberry, boysenberry.

I've never been game to buy berries myself out of fear that they either wouldn't cope with Perth summers, or if they did, that our winters wouldn't be cold enough to produce fruit. So far I am pleasantly surprised; despite a few pretty hot days they seem pretty happy. And the thought of home grown raspberries next summer is berry berry exciting!

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_vTg_ said...

Fare well, little berries! We have raspberries which have been fantastic, and just got boysenberry plants from a colleague. We also have loganberries, which are very prolific but unfortunately, to paraphrase Nigel Slater, have not inherited the best flavours from their blackberry and raspberry ancestors.

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