Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And now we wait

Before (from about July 2011):

First step: get enormous pallet of limestone delivered. These are actually the leftovers, photographed to be advertised on Gumtree. Fortunately a nice man came and gave us $30 for them shortly afterwards.

Second step: wait a good two months or so for Perth to decide that it wasn't necessary to turn on temperatures of 30 degrees plus every day such that the thought of hefting around 65kg blocks wasn't completely ridiculous.

Third step: enlist a few helpers and convince them to spend two mornings of the Easter weekend doing some seriously heavy lifting:

Thanks Craig! Thanks Cillian!
Not all "helpers" were as helpful as each other.
That plastic crocodile (the beloved Tom) you can just see in E's hand?
He definitely didn't pull his weight ... ha ha.

And ...

... voila! 

We have a wall! Compare the first photo to this one and see how crazily the passionfruit vine has taken off between last June and now:

Then we got a huge load of dirt delivered, managed to get it into the new garden bed with just a wheelbarrow and shovels, and just in time. That night was the wettest weekend we've had since last winter.

And look what we've done since!

The seeds are from Eden Seeds. From the shed onwards they are: broad beans at the back and dwarf sugar snap peas at the front; in the next section, pak choi and red Russian kale; in the third section, rocket and rainbow silverbeet; in the fourth section, nothing yet but plans for carrots, potatoes and radishes. About half the seeds are protected with the miniature greenhouses that worked so well last year - the rest will be as soon as we drink up enough soda water to make some more! 

I am very excited at the prospect of having our own veggies in a few months time. I am even hopeful that we have planted enough that D and I might get to eat a few - one of E's favourite games over summer has been "finding 'matoes" and needless to say D and I barely got to taste one!

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MultipleMum said...

Look at you getting all sustainable over there! Fantastic!!!! x

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