Saturday, August 11, 2012

28 months

  • means an insatiable appetite and constant demands for "a bitey* apple, Mumma!";
  • has not yet brought "why" but has brought endless renditions of "what dat?" ;
  • seems to have spelt the end of daytime sleeps;
  • except when it means falling asleep in the car at 4:30pm and sleeping until morning!
  • is a much better ability to eat with a fork;
  • sees a continued adoration of Bot (Spot) and Maisy and a relatively newfound love affair with Doralee the Dinosaur;
  • has seen some quite complex sentences, for example, "look Granny, piggy dangling from E's finger!"
  • involves size three tops and size two pants;
  • is endless energy and requests to "go Kings Park";
  • means a non-stop commentary on everything that is going on;
  • is an unpleasant return to 5am waking because the sides of the cot are no longer present;
  • varies between playing very nicely with friends and pushing, shoving and "mine!";
  • heralded a return to nappies, because sitting on the potty is boring when you have so much else to do;
  • can be wilful and defiant;
  • is quite a random age but there is a lot going on, and other than toilet training all of it is really quite lovely so it seemed appropriate to reflect on some of it!

* a "bitey" apple is a not-cut-up apple.

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