Sunday, September 23, 2012

The signs of spring

I am a bit enamoured with this weather.

The heater's off, I hope permanently (or at least until next winter, anyway!)

I'm wearing thongs rather than ugg boots around the house. I no longer need socks in bed.

We're eating masses of strawberries and I want salads for lunch instead of pasta.

In the garden I can tell it's spring because
 the water table and wading pool have made a comeback

the apricot tree is promising good things (and this year we have bagged the first baby fruits that have appeared so we might even get to eat some!)

we're nearing the end of the bok choy and kale, and the broad beans are looking very

We are spending hours outside any chance we get.

Hurrah for a change of seasons, there's nothing like it to lift the spirits.

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Naturally Carol said...

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