Friday, January 11, 2013

The Christmas That Was

It's official - Christmas is over. We've had a week back at work, the tree is down (if not yet packed away as until this year we didn't own one and can't figure out where to store it) and the remains of the ham are frozen for a time when the weather feels more soup-like.

This was the first year E had any understanding of Christmas, and she (and we) delighted in it. We indulged her excitement in all things Christmas tree by putting it up on 1 December and not taking it down until 6 January. For a few days after Christmas, she was happily telling anyone who asked that her present was "two Christmas trees" (the big one and the tiny fibre-optic one which was all we've bothered with in years past).

Two Christmas elves and the early stages of the tree
We quickly realised that our tree was going to be rather empty unless we acquired a few more decorations, and fortunately, making decorations became E's favourite entertainment for the next few weeks. Salt dough ornaments became a three day project (day one: make dough and cut out shapes, day two: paint; day three, attach strings) and about half of them became little gifts for family and playgroup friends. We also did paper chains, very simple paper and pop-stick stars decorated with glitter textas, and pictures on strings cut from last year's Christmas cards.

Due to our assortment of biscuit cutters some decorations were more Christmassy than others!
We had a low key barbeque on Christmas Eve at one of D's uncles' houses, then Christmas day wafflles here with D's brother and (almost) sister-in-law, then lunch at my parents' house. Despite E's claim as to what presents she received she actually scored big-time, her main gift being a wooden swing set the two grandfathers helped us erect a few weeks prior to Christmas. E's innocence was useful - upon seeing it complete (minus the ropes and swings) she declared "I has an arch in my garden" and so for the next few weeks we referred to it as "the arch" and she was none the wiser until the swings appeared on Christmas morning.

The free labour hard at work
On Boxing Day we had lunch at D's parents' with D's aunties and cousins who were visiting from Canada.

Once the three days of gluttony were over we settled down to some serious relaxing. It was 40C or close to it for the week following Christmas but we managed lots of early morning beach and pool swims, D and I got to see two movies (thanks day care for staying open on all the days except public holidays!) and E even spoilt us with a few afternoon naps. One of the funnier parts about our "holiday at home" was that we tended to finish the day off with an early evening garden watering session, which rapidly evolved into E getting completely drenched, running around shrieking and completely starkers, and not needing a shower before bed.

Now reality has returned and we're back at work. I have been very slack the last few months about writing anything here and am determined to do better in the new year.

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