Monday, April 15, 2013

A very Peppa birthday

E turned three earlier this month. Three! She was so excited. Excited about being three, excited about becoming a big kindy girl, and very excited about having a party. It is the first birthday she had with friends instead of just immediate family. 

The beloved Pig having been the  flavour of the last six months  we went for a very loose Peppa theme. This got us multiple days worth of art/craft activities. Gluing pictures printed from the internet onto party hats was one day's worth. Making origami baskets was another one. Gluing the pigs onto the baskets another. I looked at lots of origami websites and now can't remember which one I actually used, but there are loads out there. 

We also made goody bags which were small clip seal bags topped with paper Peppa printouts also courtesy of Mr Google and which I don't seem to have taken a photo of. Each  one contained a few Easter eggs (the party was on Easter Sunday), a bubble mix, a balloon and a Peppa badge sourced from eBay.

We invited three girls from playgroup and four family friends. That made seven kids, including E, plus the baby brother of one, plus all their parents. It was definitely the biggest crowd we've entertained in a while! The only organised activities were a treasure hunt that utilised the baskets and pass the parcel. Watching three-year-olds try to participate in a game that is, on reflection, one of the greatest exercises in sharing out there, was very funny.

Food-wise I made and froze sausage rolls and mini-quiches over a few successive Mondays whilst E was at daycare. Together we made PP biscuits using this biscuit cutter. The day before the party I made the cake. On the morning of the party we cut up fruit, made sandwiches. and threw some cheese, biscuits and dip on a plate. That was it.

On the day of E's actual birthday D and I both stayed home and, at her request, we went "to the beach to get crashed by waves." April has been stupidly hot but this meant it was a perfect beach morning. We then had fish and chips and squid for lunch. Speaking of little piggies, E is quite capable of devouring a dozen squid rings all on her own!

E was very spoilt present wise. I think I am going to have to start controlling my urges to buy her silly amounts of stuff sometime soon.

We asked E as we were putting her to bed that night if she had enjoyed her birthday. She thought for a minute then said "yes, a little bit. But I liked my other birthday (as in her party) more Mummy!"


Naturally Carol said...

Oh Happy Birthday..a little belated to E! I wish all kids could stay three, I think it is the perfect age...independant enough to occupy themselves and take anywhere with little fuss, cute and with such a fresh outlook on the world that it's so much fun to be with them.

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

Adorable! :)

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