Friday, August 29, 2014

This week's moments and miscellany

* Yesterday at mothers' group I was busy announcing that C pays little regard to food. That afternoon I was sitting on the couch feeding her whilst indulging in a healthy afternoon tea of chocolate Yogo and she was fascinated. I have never sen anything like it. Admittedly, chocolate Yogo is pretty exciting, but this was quite phenomenal, forcing me to conclude that babies will go to quite ridiculous lengths to prove their mummies wrong.

* Have resolved to bath C more frequently after this week heralded both D singing her a made up song that included the line "you are the baby that never has a bath" and my mum being a bit horrified to learn that I don't bathe her daily. Who has time to do that?? Apparently I am supposed to do it in the morning once D has left for work and E is at kindy and I am contemplating what to cook for dinner, as all good housewives do. Ha!

* Meal time semi-success with E last night with chicken fajitas. Not quite sure why I thought she would eat this as she doesn't like anything where the ingredients are mixed up and the only sandwiches she will tolerate are cheese or Vegemite (but not together! And only cut in squares. Spare us from the anger of a four year old presented with bread cut in triangles!) Anyway, she refused to eat one rolled up, but did eat a plain tortilla, some chicken that I had cooked separately for her without the cumin and paprika I put on ours, and some raw capsicum and tomato. Not a bad start and avoided me cooking two meals.

* Just as E's bedtimes have improved (dare I write that? What did I say above about contrary little Marys proving adults wrong?) C's are rubbish again. C's whole nights are pretty crummy when it comes down to it. E's bedtimes are good again because we have reverted to patting her to sleep. 20 minutes of patting is a squillion times better than 2 hours of drinks of water, toilet trips, hiding in the hallway and general carry-on. But all the patting that goes on here we should be getting amazing arm muscles. The other night I sat on the couch smiling wryly to myself as my vigorous pats of Cs little back were echoed back from down the hallway. 4 months or 4 years, seemingly it doesn't matter in this house so far as the manner in which you like to go to sleep...

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Six Little Hearts said...

Had a chuckle over the bath point! My kids have a little joke every so often over the same thing with my number 6. I just don't have the time to bathe her every day so it's a wet flannel for her. Kids can say such embarrassing things can't they!

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