Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Liebster Award

Wendy from Beach Style Mum has kindly given me a "Liebster Award" and asked me to answer the following questions. Thanks, Wendy!

1. What was the last book you read?
I always have multiple books on the go - at the moment I'm re-reading the Harry Potters for the millionth time on the Kindle (brainless entertainment for middle of the night feeding sessions). The last "proper" book I read was The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, for book club. Then baby C came along and I haven't been to book club since. Oops. The next time I have enough energy to venture away from Harry Potter I have Kate Forsyth's The Wild Girl ready to go on the Kindle. I should maybe attempt something like the reading challenge I started (but didn't finish) in 2012.

2. Do you shop early for Christmas or leave it to the last minute?
Early. I like being organised. I'm starting to think about things for the girls already.
3. Describe your ideal Saturday
It would need to involve some time with the kids and some time away from them! Maybe some family time during the day and then a meal somewhere fancy with D in the evening. If it could take place overseas that would be even better. Although I think C is still too small for us to realistically attempt it  just yet I'm starting to dream about travelling again. International or not, it should definitely include an afternoon nap. And not getting woken up multiple times during the night!
4. Favourite breakfast food?
Porridge. I recently discovered baked porridge and cannot believe I existed so long without it.

5. What was your first paid job?
In Year 11 I did a short stint at Dymocks on Saturday mornings. Then in the summer between finishing school and starting uni I rocked the checkouts at the local IGA.
6. Which celebrity would you most like as your best friend?
Hmmm, tricky. I have a bit of a celebrity crush on Brisbane author Nick Earls but I'm not sure a 50 year old man counts as best friend material?
7. Beach or snow for a holiday destination?
Definitely beach, I don't like the cold and am hopelessly uncoordinated so skiing is of little appeal.
8. At school I was known for being good at….
All the humanities subjects and debating. With that background you would never guess I became a lawyer, would you?
9. Best blogging moment / highlight so far?
Dunno really, I just do it because I like the process of writing and because I want to create a record of this precious time whilst my girls are small.
10. What skill or talent do you wish you had?
Lots! I'd love to be able to run for fitness. I'm impressed by D who completed the half marathon in the City to Surf on the weekend, pretty much without training for it. Supposedly anyone can learn but I am somewhat dubious. Since having kids I've become more interested in sewing and craft generally but I think I spend more time looking at craft and fabric websites than actually doing it. (See one of my first attempts at sewing here). I would like to learn how to crochet. I also wish I was more musical. And that I spoke another language fluently.

I think I am supposed to "pass on" the award to other bloggers who have only a small number of followers and ask them to answer a list of questions but all the blogs I regularly read are well established ones, so I will leave it at this. But go and visit Beach Style Mum if  - like me! you need some motivation to get out of your jeans and tshirt uniform.

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Beach style mum said...

Finally got a chance to read up on your Leibster answers. Loved it. I too spend more time looking at craft and lovely fabric than actually doing anything. Same goes for trying new recipes :)

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