Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dreaming of sleep and contemplating solids

A summary of last night:
  • Little E went to bed about 8pm, and had a dream feed about 9.30pm
  • Mummy and Daddy went to bed at about 10pm
  • Little E (and therefore Mummy) got up at:
    • 11:50pm
    • 1:30am
    • 3:00am - this time requiring a feed and a round of the pink singing seahorse to get back to sleep
    • 4:50am
    • 6:20am - at which point Mummy gave up and brought E in to the big bed.
Mummy is particularly unamused about the 3am feed as we haven't done a true middle-of-the-night (as oppsoed to early early morning eg 5am) feed since about 6 weeks!

We are visiting the community nurse this afternoon for E's 3-4 month checkup and Mummy plans to interrogate her about whether it is ok to start solids soon, in the hope that this might promote longer sleeping sessions. Fingers crossed!


Emily said...

Am interested to hear what the nurse thinks. I would definitely not be impressed with that routine!

ANB said...

She was very nice but said that the Health Dept still recommends waiting until 6 months, and so accordingly that is what child health nurses are told to recommend. She did say that www.allergy.org.au (Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy) advise 4-6 months. I had a quick look and it says some studies suggest delaying solids can increase not decrease likelihood of allergies. I plan on getting some rice cereal and seeing how she goes with that, perhaps on the weekend so David will be around if anything crazy happens.

Emily said...

Sounds like a plan. Henry hated rice cereal mixed with water but was a bit more compliant when it was mixed with breast milk, a bit sweeter I suppose.

One thing to get ready for is the change in poo!!! Not so much with rice cereal but certainly with carrot etc : )

_vTg_ said...

Fascinating! Between M (2006) and J (2008) there was a switch in Melbourne nurses from definitely 6 to 4. The argument (supported by M's paed fwiw) was that there is a window for acceptance of lumpy food so 6 months leaves you little time to progress to lumps. Who knows! Baby Love has lots on the topic. She is also very much in the sleep-is-unrelated-to-solids camp, but I guess it's case-by-case. She's 4 months so in Victoria you'd be given the advice to start solids!

Recommend being prepared to add pears onto rice cereal if needed (rice cereal is, erm, anti-poop. Solids gets parents pondering nappies like you wouldn't believe!!)

Not wanting to confuse matters... But... Have you heard of baby-led solids? Another trend to emerge post-M! Friends swear by it!!

ANB said...

A friend with a 7 month old also enthuses about the baby led weaning thing. I have had a book about it on order at the library for ages, may just have to give in and buy it! Am glad to know the Victorians think 4 months is ok. Reinforces my coclusion that there is no hard and fast "right" time. We acquired a box of Farex earlier in the week but are yet to try it.

_vTg_ said...

Look forward to hearing the outcome!

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