Monday, August 16, 2010

Things to set against sleepless nights and no-nap days

The satisfied, gusty “mmwwwah” noise Little E would make aged about four weeks when she had gobbled frantically for 45 minutes and then finally eaten enough. The expression that she now makes aged 19 weeks where she purses her lips shut as though to say “I have eaten enough and nothing you can do will make me have any more.” The way, after I have tried for the third time in a morning, to persuade her to take a nap and she has howled and I have relented and picked her up, that she hangs onto my shoulder and rubs her face on my neck. Delighted giggles when undressed and kissed before her bath. The contemplation in her face as she sits under the clothesline and watches the sky while I hang out the third load of washing for the day. The discovery that went on yesterday when she pumpkin for the first time. 

All incredible, life changing things that I wouldn’t miss, even, when it comes to it, at the fourth night-time get-up in two hours.

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