Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crossing fingers and toes and all other appendages

I don't know if I dare type it, but I think we are back in a routine. Little E has now had four "good" nights in a row, a good night being one in which she only wakes up once, at about 3.30am, for food rather than for no apparent reason. She has her last feed of the evening at about 8:00 or 9:00, meaning I get a solid six or seven hours sleep before the middle-of-the-night meal, plus another two or so hours before our little alarm clock decides it is morning. I have to say it's not as impressive as the routine she had going at three months old, but I can certainly live with it!


_vTg_ said...

And...? Hope it sticks!

Was there any factor behind the improved sleep, or did Eli just decide she liked "well rested, happy mummy" better than "tired and grumpy mummy"? ;-)

ANB said...

No factor AT ALL so far as I can tell. I kept a diary of her eating and sleeping for about 2 weeks and number of milk feeds, amount of/timing of solids, number/length of day time naps and evening bed time appear to bear no relationship whatsoever to night time waking! The last two nights she was up for food twice but it might be another growth spurt as she has also been quite hungry during the day.

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