Friday, October 29, 2010

Ooooooh moments

Little E has a particularly endearing noise which she uses when especially excited by or interested in something. It is a quite high pitched "ooooooh" accompanied by a round mouth, round eyes and furiously waving arms. So far the following things have been oooooh-worthy:

1. The ceiling fan in her bedroom (usually whilst I am trying to persuade her to have some milk so this one is as annoying as it is amusing!);
2. Belle the cat (whose good life is close to being over as E gets more and more mobile);
3. Lochie, Mum & Dad's neurotic poodle;
4. Any ball being bounced or thrown; and
5. Most recently, bubbles coming out of a plastic cup with a hole in it being held under water in the bath.

We had played plenty of games in the bath that involved pouring water out of the cups but I only thought of holding it under a few days ago. It's the wonder at bubbles in the bath that make you realise how new and exciting the whole world is for a baby.

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