Saturday, October 9, 2010

A solitary beer for solitary me

D is off at a buck's night and Little E is in bed (it is 6:45pm). I did all the going-to-bed things on my own - not that this is a huge achievement but it always feels like an extra effort. I am drinking a solitary beer (carefully calculated as acceptable prior to E's bedtime feed - thank you Australian Breastfeeding Association table) with the Commonwealth Games for company and wondering what I used to do with myself on an evening at home alone??


_vTg_ said...

I find that these days I am a glutton for solitary time and have a hard time going to sleep in the evenings- despite being tired- as it is my main "me" time! When Ben is home, he reminds me that if I complain about being tired I should sleep, but when it's just me I suddenly get to eleven or later and realise that I've frittered the evening away.

ANB said...

Yes, no matter how tired I have been I get a second wind around 8-8.30 which is very inconvenient as Eli has her last feed at about 9 after which I really need to be in bed as she sleeps much better in the first half of the night.

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