Monday, November 29, 2010

Bunbury trip

I approached our Bunbury trip with a sense of trepidation but it wound up being extremely fun!

There was the very nice Mantra Hotel, complete with view...

... and the fact that someone else cleaned it, and produced food for us, and someone else paid for it! I was a lazy Mumma while we were away and mostly fed E food from packets and jars (albeit the expensive organic variety) - she did not seem to object and it was a nice break for me.

Ironically, D being in trial and in Bunbury, away from all his non-trial work, meant that E and I saw more of him than we do at home, as trials start at 10am and finish around 4pm. At any rate, she and I had no trouble amusing ourselves for the two days D was occupied. We went to Big Swamp Wildlife Park, which I had never heard of, but is only a 5 minute drive from the centre of town. Amongst others, it has kangaroos, wallabies, emus, rabbits and chickens, but the hands-down winner for E was the walk-through parrot aviary. The birds were ridiculously tame and complete gluttons:

We all enjoyed the heated swimming pool, and E and I enjoyed the beautifully calm beach on our front door step. It was a much greater success than her first trip to the beach, although she was mainly interested in sitting in the shallows and attempting to eat sand.

E, social little creature that she is, also made a new friend...

On the whole the trip was a real pleasure and rather than regional circuits being a hassle I am quite looking forward to D being told that he has been allocated more Bunbury trials!


Naturally Carol said...

Bunbury does look like an idyllic location...reminds me of Nat on Sunrise..she is always talking about her mum there and her wonder she liked it! The beach looks beautiful. Ha! Ha! your daughter was having fun looking at herself...that's just the beginning of a girl/mirror relationship! What kind of trial does your husband do? Sounds intriguing.

ANB said...

Hi Carol, he's a prosecutor so does serious criminal trials on behalf of the State. When I worked I was a criminal defence lawyer so we had both sides of the criminal divide at the dinner table which was fun!

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