Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The little things aka a happy morning

We had a series of crummy days last week so were well overdue for a good one. It didn't start very promisingly, with E deciding wake-up time was 5:25, however, we were able to string her out until a bit after 6:00 without too much grizzling. D hooned off to work, deciding to eschew the home breakfast options in favour of breakfast in town. I'm not convinced this actually saves him much time (although I know when I was working that getting out the door sooner always felt like it did) but it is more interesting than a bowl of muesli.

"I feel like pancakes" I announced as he whizzed out the door. And then, as the laundry door rattled shut, said to E "well, why shouldn't we have pancakes?"

So we did. We did some whizzing of our own down to Floreat beach, where I discovered we were a bit early for the cafe. While we waited for it to open we had a walk along the boardwalk between Floreat and City Beach beaches. It was glorious: sunny but cool enough to walk in comfort, a very slight breeze, a few hopeful surfers, an otherwise deserted beach.

By the time we got back to the cafe it was open and we were both ready for breakfast. E consented to sit in a highchair and eat her porridge from a plastic tub without smearing it all over her face or hair; the fascination of the nearby volleyball players was such that she was happy just to stare and open her mouth when required. We were both especially happy when the pancakes arrived: a floppy three tiered stack covered in berries and berry juice. Fortunately E had largely finished her porridge as it was immediately abandoned in favour of berries doled out on the porridge-tub lid. She also chomped on a bit of pancake but decided it was more fun to mush it to bits than eat it (probably a good thing as I'm sure it was full of sugar).

In between handing over berries and delivering sips of water I got to read most of a newspaper and had an extremely good cup of tea. It has inspired me to add "leaf tea" to the shopping list as something about it makes such a better cup of tea than a teabag.

We then came home for a few quick stories, a crawl around the floor, and a brief tormentation of the cat. She is now having her morning nap (perfectly timed I might add - straight into bed with almost no crying). We have mothers' group to look forward to at lunch time, our first session at Wembley playgroup.

None of these things are anything major on their own but it's so much nicer to feel like this than how I felt last week. Little things.

(For a version of this post with video, see my other blog).

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Naturally Carol said...

What a wonderful refreshing morning you had! I love those kinds of mornings...and wouldn't mind a beautiful beach morning at all anytime. So glad after all your crumminess!

MultipleMum said...

What a lovely morning. Pancakes! Newspaper! A perfectly timed nap! Nice work Mummy :)

Bungalowgirl said...

Lovely to have you over at my blog and glad to meet another fellow tree lover. How long until you will be able to get fruits from your apricot?

A Farmer's Wife said...

I think pancakes improve most mornings!

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