Monday, February 28, 2011

Book of the Week: This is the Farmer

A library find, and a variation of the rhyme "this is the house that Jack built."

It has endearing pictures of farm life, with clear, simple outlines and bold colours. There's only a few words on each page and the text is much larger than I have seen in any other book - it's great for babies and I suspect it would also be good for beginner-readers.

It ticked all of Little E's boxes as it has multiple pictures of cats and dogs, as well as other animals she recognises.

There's a good sneak peak of a number of the pages on the Harper Collins website.


ANB said...

I was slow with this today - for another good read see

Maxabella said...

Books about farms are absolute favourites in this house. We went on a farm stay years ago for Max's third birthday and it was the best time. Cappers and he knew all the animals and all the sounds. There is something very satisfying about our children knowing such things. x

_vTg_ said...

Have you read Margaret Wise Brown's Big Red Barn? The version we have has a similar style of illustration.

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