Friday, March 4, 2011

Today I am grateful for ... a healthy baby

One of E's little friends from playgroup had his head cut open this week because he was born with fused skull bones.

Another friend's child recently started speech therapy because he is 18 months old and doesn't have any meaningful words/sounds yet.

I am grateful grateful grateful for our share of the life lottery, particularly, this weekend, for our littlest angel's good health and development that is as it should be.

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Naturally Carol said...

It is totally amazing to have a healthy baby when you're aware of what could have gone wrong..we are such complex beings! So good to be grateful too.

Alice Becomes said...

probably the most worthwhile thing to be grateful for, right there

you are right - thanks for the reminder

Gill xo

_vTg_ said...

Yes- while there are day to day gripes about healthy kids, it's always good to count one's blessings in the health dept! We've had a few emergency dept visits and two hospital admissions at the Children's Hospital, but compared to so many kids we've been fortunate that we get sent home with no return visit booked.

Maxabella said...

A simple and important thing to always be grateful for, love. x

Anonymous said...

So very true. A girlfriend of mine has just had her little one diagnosed with a serious condition and it's so devastating. It's the one thing I really don't take for granted.

Seana Smith said...

Yes, totally worth being grateful for, the most important things.

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