Friday, March 25, 2011

Tasty little banana mountains

These are the tastiest funny-looking food I have ever made! I have no idea why they rose in such strange shapes. But they wound up fluffy and sweet, even though I reduced the sugar content, and were extremely pleasant still hot from the oven together with a lazy cup of tea after dinner! (They are also a nicer shade of brown than the photo suggests).

As a footnote, I can’t believe I used banana for cooking when the little blighters are so expensive, but I was lured in by the temptation of false economy. They were $9.99/kg at Coles earlier this week (and today were $11.99/kg!) except if you bought them by the over-ripe bag, whereupon they were $1.99/kg. So I put back the two not-over-ripe ones I had chosen and we got eight bananas for something like $3.50. I actually think we wound up ahead; although I did have to cut out bits of most of them, and froze chunks of a few others with popsticks in them as icy poles for Little E, we definitely wound up with more than two bananas in total. And that is a good thing, as I think Little E might stage a revolution if I tried to restrict her consumption of her beloved nana! After all that, we ended the week with only one black-and-sorry-beyond-redemption piece of fruit in the fridge. So I reduced the recipe by half, and voila! 12 tasty little banana mountains.

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Salamander said...

I tell you what, if I was anywhere near your house I'd be calling around for one of those little yellow mountains!! And next time you've got a completely black, squishy banana beyond redemption (unlikely, I know!), don't throw it out - freeze it. And when you're next baking, thaw it slightly and then mash it all up to chuck in your cake mix. It will look yucky, but the taste is amazing!!! Trust me xxx

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