Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book of the Week: What the Ladybird Heard

Julia Donaldson continues her winning streak. This book features farm animals complete with noises (always a popular theme in our house) rhyme, rhythm, repetition and a bit of subtle comedy. There's also a small, glittery ladybird to look for on each page.

Our favourite part is the recitation of what the animals say:
"And the cow said "MOO!"
and the hen said "CLUCK!"
"HISS!" said the goose
and "QUACK!" said the duck.
"NEIGH!" said the horse.
"OINK!" said the hog.
"BAA!" said the sheep
and "WOOF!" said the dog.
One cat miaowed while the other one purred ...
and the ladybird said never a word."

And if I needed to justify this week's choice to myself, Little E just  saw which book I had open and walked (staggered really) all the way from the ottoman to the table saying "boo boo boo!" as a demand that I stop writing about books and start reading them.

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Naturally Carol said...

Hi ANB..I think your blog is cute and has a realness and integrity about it, so I have given you an award. Please visit my site to pick it up. Thank you.

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