Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Party preparations

Not-so-little E turns one in a few weeks and I confess to being a little excited. Conveniently, 3 April is a Sunday so we are able to have a little party on her actual birthday.

I have a shelf in the big white cupboard full of party preparations.
Invitations: immediate family, plus one little friend who we see at least once per week and his parents, but still, somehow, 16 people. I am glad we decided against inviting playgroup friends as that would have tripled the size in one go.
Sugar birds for decorating cup cakes. We thoughts about attempting to do a tree shaped cake with the birds on it, but decided cup cakes with birds are more fool-proof.
Cutters for bird/other popular animal shaped biscuits. Probably gingerbread ones as I doubt E will eat biscuits (I'm thinking a cup cake will be enough of a sugar shock for one day) and gingerbread is D's favourite.

Food colouring made from vegetable extracts and without chemicals, purchased whilst we were thinking about the tree cake, but we'll probably use this to make cup cake/biscuit icing more interesting.

Bird-shaped chocolate/icing moulds, purchased impulsively when I was feeling ambitious about the cake. I'm not actually sure that we'll use these but I figure they'll be good for Easters to come if not for this party.

As I said, just a little excited!

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Naturally Carol said...

Hi ANB...just letting you know that your beautiful bird cushions..sent for Qld flood affected people..have just been sent to an eight year old boy whose family (as well as himself) lost everything in the floods. Thank you so much for being such an encouragement to that family! I can see your love affair with birds has not waned. Have a lovely birthday party!

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