Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The cleverness of toddlers

We spent quite a bit of Saturday searching for D's phone, which mysteriously disappeared from the bedside table where it had sat overnight. We thought there was a chance Little E might have wandered off with it when she came into our bedroom first thing that morning. We checked all the obvious places, and all the not-so-obvious places. It wasn't anywhere. It had been turned to 'silent' at bedtime, so we couldn't ring it to find it.

Finally on Sunday morning E and D had the following conversation.

D:  E, do you know where Daddy's phone is?
E: I hid it.
D: Where?
E: Under the bed.
D: No you didn't, I checked, it's not there. Show me where?
E: There.

And so it was. Jammed in the corner between the mattress and bed frame. There all along, just waiting for us to ask E where she'd put it.

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