Friday, June 29, 2012

The road to no more nappies is not for the faint of heart

Dear God, the road to no more nappies is a trying one. 

Today has been a mixed bag: success at the little loos at King's Park, complete disaster later at home. The kind of disaster that happened in the two minutes I was trying to put the shopping away, left me gagging (literally), required a lunch time bath and which meant that the shopping list now reads: Napisan. Anti-bacterial wipes. Hand sanitiser. Enough said. 

E is now "resting" in her room (with a nappy firmly on I might add) and I am airing the house out.

But I am grateful that we are getting there. It is a long, frustrating and occasionally disgusting road, but at the end of it is independent toileting, hurrah. 

And if anyone has any tips for how to ensure the solids wind up where they belong, I'd also be grateful for that!


Maxabella said...

Toilet training is no fun. None whatsoever. We are not naturally clean living, me feels!


Kelly Ingram said...

I so feel your pain. Have done the toilet training thing twice before, and in the not-so-far future will have to attempt it again with my littlest man. Not looking forward to it.
Fingers crossed that your little one picks it up quickly x

little love said...

Oh yes, toilet training. Good luck with that! xx

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Oh goodness. Toilet training scares me. We began, and it went along like a disaster for three days, and was abandoned ship. Have not yet gone back. I need tips too! x

neenaballerina said...

Taking a break from toilet training right now. They say third times a charm... well... they LIED! Sending positive TT vibes your way :)

jody said...

Oh yes, were about to get in to the toilet training again too, not fun! x

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

Oh this is such a hard time, then one day everything just clicks, and you'll wonder what you were stressing about. I can totally understand being grateful for small wins.

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