Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Family dinners

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We have an exciting new evening routine which involves us all eating dinner together, and ideally the same dinner, at about 5:45pm. it doesn't happen every night, but I'd say we're managing it four out of five times at the moment.

Previously I was feeding E at about 4:30/5:00, and usually something different to what D and I were having. She now has four molars and is getting more competent with a fork. She's also a lot less keen on the high chair if she's in it by herself, so putting her at the table with us is a good distraction.

Not every meal has been a success, but the ones that have been include:
* Roast chicken and vegetables;
* Stir fried beef with bok choy, mushrooms, beans and rice;
* Chicken drumstick casserole; and
* Pasta bake with spinach, mushrooms and cottage cheese.

It's not glamorous food, but it's healthy and I'm pretty pleased about only having to cook one meal for all of us. I have happy memories of family dinners when I was growing up and I'm really happy that we're finally able to do this. It's exciting to actually set the table and use placemats and serviettes and a water jug rather than D and I eating in front of the TV after E is in bed.

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Silver Threads of Happiness said...

Starting good habits like this is a great idea I think, particularly for when she is older. Lots of time for conversation at the dinner table! Good on you for getting started so early :)

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