Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Deep and meaningful observations at the hairdresser

Upon being seated in a special high chair with a cushion and draped with a Disney themed cape, E proudly announced "E's getting all pretty!"

She was pretty good, albeit wiggly and excited, throughout the 20 minutes or so the haircut lasted. She mostly amused herself with her reflection in the mirror. After sticking out her tongue and examining it at great length she told the entire salon "E's got a tongue!" A short pause followed, during which she conducted a further examination and then told everyone "E's got teeth!" Keen to pursue any line of discussion that would keep her still I asked "do you have a nose too?" She looked at me and replied "everyone got a nose, Mummy!"


Megan said...

Ahahaha Priceless! I can just imagine the tone too. Gotta love moments like those.

Megan said...

Actually that made me think of a funny child story. I had a boy at kindy a few years ago who had a few issues but we couldn't get him diagnosed with anything. He was a lovely boy, always so happy and cheerful but he just really did not get a lot of stuff. At recess time he had a banana and this is going to be a really long comment so maybe I might just go and do a post about it now instead. Come read!!

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