Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swim swim swimming = sleep sleep sleeping

Hurrah for Beatty Park and its fantastic water-shooting-flowers and raining mushrooms and gentle slope entry and dozens of happy children.

Yesterday was a new record of the worst kind: a no-nap day. As in NO naps. Not short naps. None whatsoever. Today was not perfect sleep-wise, but coming off yesterday as a starting point anything was going to be better!

I am probably jinxing this by writing it...

1 comment:

_vTg_ said...

Ew to no-nap days :( Pools are generally great for sleep (unless your intricate plans rely on it to work out that way!) A colleague was telling me how every night he sees twin 3 year old boys with their dad at his local pool at 830pm- I replied that the mum's sanity probably depended on it for instant and prolonged p&q at home!!

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