Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today I am determined to be grateful for breastfeeding

Lately I have been finding the fact that Little E (at 8 + months) still wants to feed every four hours (definitely during the day and often during the night) very frustrating and depressing. So today I am determined to be grateful for it. To be grateful that we have had a really easy run breastfeeding - no horrid cracked nipples or supply issues. To be grateful for something that is the best for her and good for me, healthwise. To be grateful for a chance to talk and cuddle multiple times every day. She will be big too soon. Grateful. Oh yes.

This post comes to you courtesy of Maxabella's Grateful Saturday.


Maxabella said...

Beautiful! Sometimes it's really tough to be grateful for something that quite frankly can be a burden. But it's finding the pleasure amongst the pain that makes us truly happy, I think. x

Naturally Carol said...

I love that you've decided to be daughter is 29 and where did the time go? I know everybody says that and you are in the middle of it, but every season has it's beginning..and end!

allison tait said...

Oh I hear you on that 'determined to be grateful' thing when it comes to breastfeeding. It gets tiresome, it really does, but you're doing a wonderful thing and a beautiful job. She will be big soon. And then you'll be grateful you did it. You really will.

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

After 4 children I still say that the hardest thing to conquer was breastfeeding. I did have all the icky bits you mentioned above but eventually they disappeared after lot of lip biting. Ugg, makes me wince just thinking about it. Great attitude, well done. Like all things in parenting, this too shall pass.


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