Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today I am grateful for ... weekends

For a while now I have been admiring the blog of the lovely Maxabella and it is finally time to do as she does each week and reflect on things I am grateful for. And this weekend I am grateful for weekends, because:

1. Weekends mean company all day long (and not incidentally, the company of the person I like best!)
2. Weekends mean help/company during the screaming that currently accompanies nap-time
3. Weekends mean the chance to go out at night while E's lovely Dadda stays home with her.


_vTg_ said...

Welcome to the Grateful Club! Yes, weekends take on a whole new meaning when your weeks don't involve constant adult contact. When B is away I find it's the weekends I notice most, and which drag more than weekdays.

Naturally Carol said...

It is lovely to have a change of pace and some extra company on weekends especially with babies and little ones.

Maxabella said...

Why hello there lovely new blog! How cute is your header!?

I think we are a lot alike because 'company' is all I ever craved when I was home with my little bubbas too. I didn't mind any of it as long as I had someone along for the ride to chat to. Which was strange in a way as I wouldn't necessarily say I was the most sociable person prior to babyland, but our babes change us in ways we never imagine!!

Thanks for joining in. I love it. x

beck said...

Sounds like you have some great things to be grateful for. Going out and having some fun is a good thing to do when you have small kids, you need some space for you too! Have fun xo

ANB said...

Thanks all for the comments - I definitely agree that I don't mind any of it so long as there's someone else about. Having someone else there makes me more appreciative of E because I look at her the way others do and notice the things that someone who doesn't see her every day notices. V- I haven't yet had to do a weekend without D around and I dread the thought of it! Even the prospect of evenings by myself (when I had just spent the day by myself) was nasty enough that the work trip to Bunbury seemed worthwhile!

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