Monday, January 24, 2011

Book of the Week: Owl Babies

I like this one better than Little E at the moment, although I think it is growing on her.

The three baby owls wake up one night and their Owl Mother is GONE. The story is just what they think and talk about whilst she is away. Here are the aspects of it I particularly enjoyed:

  • The owls are called Sarah and Percy and Bill;
  • Every time the mummy owl is referred to, she is the "Owl Mother," complete with capitals;
  • The voices you can do for brave Sarah and sooky Bill (who only ever says "I want my mummy!");
  • The lovely detail in the pen and ink drawings - here's part of one of my favourite pages:

Our version of the book comes with an animated CD ("read by Georgiana Darcy!" said friend J when she discovered it lying on the couch).


_vTg_ said...

I keep meaning to get this- for the dull reason that it appears in various "must have" lists of children's books. Up the priority list it goes!

_vTg_ said...

I had a hard time picking my BotW but it's now up:

Forgot to say above, I'm glad I'm not alone in enjoying the animations that come with some of those books. We have the Hooray for Fish dvd, which I love guiltily (but which I have misplaced)- the fact that it's just the book, no more and no less, and is 5 minutes long, takes away (some) my usual "am I parking them?" guilt about the box.

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