Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today I am grateful for ... happy news

Another horrible hot day that I spent wavering between being excessively irritated by Little E who is teething, grumpy and clingy and feeling guilty for feeling like that when I know the poor munchkin is only like this because her teeth hurt and she didn't have proper naps due to teeth and more hot weather.

So the day concluding with a phone call from a far flung friend, telling us that she is engaged, was unexpected and lovely and I am sending lots of happiness and congratulatory thoughts to Bel & Dom in Berlin. I am sure it will be no hardship to either of you to go out and drink many celebratory champagnes on our behalf!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to your friend. Funny how good news has such an uplifting effect on us even when our own day has been awful. Warmest wishes x

Maxabella said...

There you are! Way down on my list this week I thought you weren't gonna make it!

Yay for your friend! And at least your little one has an excuse for irritating behaviour... are you listening Badoo!?


ANB said...

Thanks Sarah & Max, we had a much better day today. Cyclone Bianca seems to have passed us by but it's a bit cooler, the nasty teeth seem to be less of an issue, naps were taken, and I went out for a few hours in the afternoon. Improvements on all fronts!

Bel said...

Only just read this now - so glad it cheered you up!! Much love xxxx

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