Friday, January 28, 2011

A flat day

And, not coincidentally, a HOT day. It was 32C and noticeably humid by 8am. Despite, guiltily, having the air con on all night, D and I both slept badly and were less than enthusiastic when E decided it was morning at 5:55. D then raced off to work and I sat with E, in a hot house, in my pyjamas because I didn't have a chance to have a shower before D left, thinking, hmmm, now what?

Bit of a recurrent theme lately as E is hard to entertain. Every activity lasts about 30 seconds. She responds enthusiastically to books but often doesn't have the patience to get through an entire story which I find quite frustrating. She likes to torment the cat, sit under the sewing/computer table and play with the electrical cords, open and shut drawers, and pull books off the shelves. I feel like such a mean grump because every activity she wants to do I don't want her to do because they are all at least mildly dangerous/destructive. The last few mornings we have been playing on the lawn first thing because it is shaded until about 9am and E has begun to enjoy attempting to take a few steps with her Christmas walker. (Then she loses interest, plops down, and eats leaves instead).

I try to take us out a lot, although the stupid weather is complicating that. I hate rain and cold but would almost welcome winter because I would just cold and rain proof us both and go out despite the weather. It's harder with heat - we can and do go out covered in lashings of suncream and hats (for the five minutes or so that E will consent to wear hers) but sunburn and overheating are real worries and it's hard to be enthusiastic about walking anywhere when I arrive sweating and greasy and E arrives sticky and grumpy.

Blah. It makes returning to work sooner rather than later seem quite attractive, but when I think that I then feel guilty about the thought of dumping E with anyone else, even Mum, and especially in childcare.

So yes, a hot, flat day. I am glad today is Friday.

Anyone got any novel suggestions for entertaining a 10 month old?


Naturally Carol said...

Only a few weeks to go and she will be walking and it will be Autumn...don't like to wish your lives away but in reality this time of being 10 months won't last long. I think you are doing a great job trying to occupy that brain and giving her plenty to do.

ANB said...

Thanks Carol :) I am hanging out for her to walk! But also cognisant, as you said, of not trying to wish every stage away.

arunga001 said...

I remember Pia sucking at this age too - it passes once they work out how to crawl around and make their own fun/messes!

In terms of ideas - bucket or bowls of texture stuff - bubble suds, sand, flower petals - that she can dip her fingers in. Homemade musical instruments she can bang and explore different sounds and lastly setting up a blanket/floor obstacle course of pillows, rolled up towels, boxes you can help her 'walk around' to get those legs nice and strong for walking. Pia also enjoyed playing in the bath with a good quality balloon (cheap ones pop too easily) with a little bit of water in the bottom to give it some weight - good sounds on the teeth and texture too.
Hope this helps make the days pass a bit quicker! - Sarah x

ANB said...

Hey Sar - thanks for your thoughts. We spent some time today playing with ice cream tubs of water, soapy and rose petals and that seemed popular. Will try the obstacle course during the week. Today was better all round incidentally - a bit cooler, teething less of an issue, and I went out for a few hours by myself.

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