Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today I am grateful for ... libraries

More specifically, the Cottesloe-Peppermint Grove-Mosman Park library which recently had a huge face lift. It now has a fantastic children's room with lots of cushions and little chairs and a play house. I think the children's book collection is much better than the one in our local Cambridge library. They let you borrow 16 things at once so when we visited a week or so ago we came home with 14 picture books and two grown-up books ... admittedly the grown-up books do take a lot longer to read! If you are feeling similarly grateful for libraries and books, then check out my post below on Book of the Week.

For some reason not quite clear to me, the Cottesloe library also has chicks visiting for the next week or so ... chickens like books, right? This week, with our mothers' group, we attended a special chicken themed story time to welcome said birds. Which brings me onto my second pot of gratefulness for the week: I am very grateful for my mothers' group. 15 or so new friends for me, and let's face it, when was the last time I made 15 new friends? High school probably? Other people who have small children and who get it, not out of politeness, but out of shared experience. 15 friends for Little E who all live locally, and some of whom she will probably wind up going to kindy and school with. Guaranteed company at least once per week. Plenty
to be grateful for there.

This post was brought to you by Maxabella's Grateful Saturday.


Maxabella said...

A whole room just for the children? I love our local library, but what a fantastic library that would be. Lucky!

I made 3 firm friends from my mothers' group and the rest made me shudder. Them's the breaks. Enjoy your new gang!! x

_vTg_ said...

Libraries and mothers' group are two great things I discovered post-children, and have often been grateful for too. Both major sanity-boosters!

Megan said...

How wonderful! Nothing quite like an inviting area for children to choose books and fall in love with reading

allison tait said...

I love our library too. In fact, I've never met a library I didn't like. Chicks in the library sounds just about right. I made one friend at mothers' group and she's great. The others dropped off one by one. That was okay. You only need one!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of chicks visiting the library. I'm sorry I missed it. And your mother's group sounds like one I would have loved to have discovered when I first had my babies. Glad I found a fellow Perth blogger. An now following you.

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