Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(Another lazy) Book of the Week: CBCA Book of the Year Awards

I will do a proper Book of the Week post at some point, because E scored big time in the book department on her birthday last weekend. We also made it to the library today, but the best fun was had in crawling in and out of the play house and in toddling along the shelves pulling books out, interspersed with gleefully grabbing them from the boxes on the floor, briefly examining them and then dropping them.

However, I thought I would instead mention that the Children's Book Council of Australia today announced the shortlist for its Book of the Year awards. For some reason its website doesn't yet have a list of them, but there is a full list at Slightly Addicted to Fiction

Of the Early Childhood list, the only one we have read is Noni the Pony. I quite like it and persist in reading to E in a rap style "Noni the pony is friendly and funny! Her shimmering tail is the colour of honey!" E doesn't think much of it yet (very shortly after it arriving in the house she ripped a great big tear in it) although I am hopeful that that will change. She isn't too excited about horses, but it does after all feature Dave Dog and Coco the Cat so should score well on the popular animals front. 

How do we know dogs are popular? E's current best party trick is, when asked "what noise does the doggy make?" to give an enormous, gorgeous grin, showing all six of her little white teeth, and to make enthusiastic panting noises. Given the response she gets upon doing this, she has now started doing it as soon as she sees a dog, real or in pictures. This has deviated somewhat from being a book post, but as her unbiased mama I can confidently say it is close to being the cutest and cleverest thing I have ever seen, so well worth a mention!


Rita said...

The shortlist and notables for 2011 are listed on the left-hand menu on the Children's Book site.

Naturally Carol said...

A very Happy Birthday to Miss E..slightly belated, sorry! Funny that Miss E should love to pant like a dog and not bark...she must be very observant.

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