Saturday, April 23, 2011

International Postcard Swap for Families 2011

I just read about this and it sounds super! It is a way of sending and receiving postcards to/from overseas and of learning about good children's books at the same time.

It is being coordinated by Zoe of Playing By the Book. To participate you send her your postal address and your children's ages and sexes. She will send you the details of five overseas families, to whom you send a postcard on which you write a recommendation for a children's book. You will receive five postcards from families overseas in return (not the same families to whom you sent cards).

Zoe's email address is zoe (dot) toft (at) kuvik (dot) net. Full details of the project here.

I used to love writing to my interstate cousins when I was little and I also had a couple of overseas pen friends, so I couldn't sign us up quickly enough!


Jane said...

Ooh, I love this idea, ANB - thanks fro sharing. Will do it now. J x

Marlee said...

What a great idea! Thanks for posting this, I've never heard of anything like it!

Naturally Carol said...

I wish I'd known about something like this when my kids were little! I had a German penfriend when I was a teenager...I struggled with translating her German a bit though, but still loved getting letters from her.

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