Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nasty nasty nappies

Nappy changes are such torture for both of us at the moment. And not because they involve copious amounts of yucky one year old poo. Because every single one (other than the early morning one, which I make D do, and for which E always seems to be in a good mood) involves wiggling, whinging, crying, crawling, sobbing, complaining, struggling, today standing on the change table and throwing things off the bookshelf and too often said one year old poo all over my hands and the change table. I have just done two in an hour and cannot wait for E to be old enough to toilet train.


_vTg_ said...

Both my guys much preferred "standing nappies"- standing facing a bit of furniture, ideally looking at a book to keep them still. Not as easy for kids who'll lie sedately (so parents of such will look on in horror) but for rollers and movers, a pragmatic and workable solution!

ANB said...

Thanks, that is a good thought. I am also thinking that a packet of the expensive pull-up variety might be worth it, if not for every change (D just did another early morning "happy nappy!") certainly for the ones that involve screaming and wriggling.

205384 said...

Completely agree. Nappy Pants are so much easier for standing changes and this week (or until Wednesday) they're on special at Woolworths - just restocked for H : )

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