Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An ordinary day

I heard E squawking twice during the night, but nothing worth getting up for. By 6:10 she was definitely awake, and she and I got up and sat on the couch for milk, with Sunrise for company. Milk is still exciting enouggh, particularly now that it only comes twice a day, that the TV is worth ignoring. I suspect those days are numbered. We then returned to bed for a three person cuddle and chat, before we all got up and had breakfast.

After D left for work E and I played a bit and read some books. She was a bit grumpy and bored so I decided we better get out of the house. We had library books that were due back and so drove to Floreat Forum to give them back. E has developed an intense, although variable, dislike of the car. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it deserves back arching, screaming, toy throwing. Today was the latter rather than the former and I was very glad the drive was only a five minute one. Once at the library she was perfectly happy, and very interested in toddling around pulling books from the boxes and dropping them randomly on the floor before progressing to the next box.

We were out of nappy wipes and I decided that the cheapness of the things at KMart justified the 15 minute drive to Innaloo. I really need to change the car toys over; the drive there was not a happy one. Neither was the trek around KMart, although as it transpired, that was probably because my little bottomless pit was hungry. After she spent most of it trying to stand up in the trolley, we stopped for morning tea. She was delighted when presented with a banana ("minga minga minga!") and devoured the whole thing in about three minutes. She then gobbled a cheese stick, a packet of baby rice cakes, and a handful of grapes.

Then home. After five minutes of extreme protesting and toy throwing E passed out in her car seat. She gets such a glazed look in the two or three minutes before she falls asleep in the car. At the moment I'm quite happy for her to sleep in the car as it involves her falling asleep easily and quietly without screaming or really any effort on my part, and , touch wood, I can almost always get her from car into her bed without trouble. I used to worry that letting E fall asleep in the car was lazy and that more importantly it was preventing her from learning to fall asleep on her own, but now it doesn't seem to disrupt the times she falls asleep at home during the day, or her night sleeps, so I'm willing to take the benefit without worrying about it.

While E slept I tried to nap. I've had a cough that I can't shake and I was feeling not so flash this morning so I read and dozed for about half her nap. I then made her lunch, and made and ate my lunch before she woke. Her lunch was boiled egg, which she loved, and loved eating outside. She sat in her high chair and stared at the bottle brush tree saying "bu bu bu" which I think is "bird bird bird" because we could hear birds singing there. 

After lunch more playing, some laundry, and some sand pit time. Mum came over in the middle of the afternoon which was great as she hadn't been here on her own during the day for ages. She also entertained E whilst I started our dinner, as well as E's dinner. Very nice to not have to do it with one hand whilst balancing E on the other hip!

Then I dispensed dinner for E, with News Radio for company, then cleaned up. A nice aspect of her being so much steadier on her feet is that when she gets covered in food I can stand her at the outside tap to wash her hands. 

After dinner it was bathtime. We had a few very unpleasant bathtimes last week that involved inexplicable screaming and demanding to get out, but the last couple have been good, lots of laughing and splashing and playing with new birthday bath toys.  The post bath nappy is usually an easy one, E tends to be relaxed even though she is generally tired, and I know she's going to bed soon so I make an extra effort to cuddle and tickle and talk and sing so she goes to bed happy. Putting on pyjamas can also be a bit fraught lately, but tonight was easy, so they went on quickly and we then had a few happy stories, and then milk, and then bed. Her current pyjamas are long arm/long leg suits with feet and white with red spots. Although E has been wearing big girl clothes during the day, when she is back in her jammies and falling asleep having her milk she is my little baby again and whilst I sometimes resent having to get up for the morning feed, I don't think I'm going to be in any hurry to stop the night time one any time soon.

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Naturally Carol said...

Beautiful post...she just seems like such a happy little girl with a happy mum!

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