Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, neglected blog

Not quite sure what happened here. Part of it was that D was on holiday for the whole Easter week and I became various kinds of lazy.  E and I also got a round round of colds for the month which did not inspire me to spend time after she went to bed writing.

As well as writing lazy, I became was parenting-lazy. I let D change all (well, most) of the nappies. Every second day, after I fed E, I poked D out of bed and got back in it myself for another hour or so (the other days it was his turn to sleep in). While we played in the garden, I let D get up and chase after E when she ventured out of sight. I let him read her book after book whilst I read the paper. His holiday was my holiday as well, and, I have to say, it was great. The two of them seemed to enjoy it as well.

Some other stuff that has happened over the last couple of weeks:

1. E had her first chocolate on Easter Sunday. She was curious about it, but not enraptured.

2. E decided that if she was going to bed at 5:30pm she was going to wake up at 5:00am. Not cool. So we spent four or five days pushing her bedtime back a bit. She now goes to bed at between 6:30 and 6:45pm and sleeps until about 6:00 or 6:30am (if we're lucky).

3. We are in the process of cutting out E's morning milk feed, leaving only the bedtime one. We've reached the point I thought we'd never get to: the thought of stopping breast feeding entirely saddens me. Much as I enjoy the little person E is becoming, I selfishly want to hang onto the times of day when she is mine alone. However, she is a stubborn little one year old and shows no inclination of stopping the milk feeds by herself. I think if we left it until she was a stubborn two year old it would be much harder. So far cutting out the morning feed has been quite painless - D gets up when E does, and shovels porridge into her quick smart. I don't appear until after her little tummy is full. It seems to be working so far.

4. E is much more articulate. A few days ago she used two words together for the first time: "mo boo?" ("more book?") Her favourite phrase is currently "no mo!" ("No more!") It's usually accompanied by a vigorous hand push of the offending bowl. D also taught her that tigers, lions and cheetahs all make growling noises. When asked "what noise does the *insert animal* make?" she replies with a fantastic, French-r-rolling growl. She has such a sweet, high little voice.

5. She's also much steadier on her feet. She needs a hand to hang onto when stepping over the door sill, and wobbles about in sand, but for everything else she's very quick and sure. She hasn't resorted to crawling in a couple of weeks.

5. We've started doing looooong early morning walks a few days a week with two of the other playgroup mums and their bubbas. We've been heading out at about 7:30 and not getting home until about 10:00, having incorporated a playground or two and a cup of caffeine. We take plenty of snacks for the babies and they babble away to themselves and each other and are remarkably tolerant of the extended periods in the pram. The cool mornings are lovely and so is the exercise.
And that's where we're at folks! I hope everyone had a happy Easter and a bit of a break too.

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