Monday, July 28, 2014

Poo, snot and roses: a suburban weekend

On Saturday morning I escaped for a spot of child-free grocery shopping (the relief of walking out the door alone! the part of me that cringes that that is a luxury!). Returned home with a mountain of groceries hopefully big enough that I will not have to venture near a shop with either child anytime soon. Discovered that whilst I was gone E had amused herself by going to the toilet, not wiping properly, and then remedying the situation by wiping her hands on the wall.

Our darling eldest daughter has always been supremely unconcerned by poo. As a baby, perfectly happy to squelch around in a dirty nappy. A reluctant toilet trainer, seemingly of the view that going to the toilet is a waste of time that could be spent doing something else, reacting to accidents with all the nonchalance of one who would not have to clean it up. It occurred to me that, given she has been toilet trained for a good year, the wiping aversion may well be a reaction to the baby and connected to her apparent fascination with the fact that the baby wears nappies that someone else changes for her. I might add that this occurred to me after I had cleaned the walls and listened to myself growling "but how did this happen? why would you do that? In this family we wipe our bottoms with toilet paper!" (because we are so classy around these parts). Also after E had attempted to blame her decorating attempts on the cat.

The better part of the weekend involved a pause in the rain during which we snatched some time outside to prune the roses.

The rest of it seemed to involve snot, mainly poor baby C's, who has succumbed to E's germs. There is nothing sadder than a little baby with a cold. Thankfully, despite the constantly dripping nose, she does not seem to be seriously sick and is still managing to eat and sleep. And E is well again and returned to kindy today - hurrah! How was the weekend around your parts?

Chopping, watching, eating a carrot: everyone's respective roles in the pruning.
Aren't you glad I chose a picture of the roses rather than anything else we
encountered this weekend?!


Megan said...

Oh that made me laugh, 'In this family we wipe our bottom's with toilet paper.' I bet that is something you never thought you'd have to say!!
It seems like rose pruning was the plan for a lot of people this weekend, I did mine too and so did another instagram friend. There was also a bit of cake baking and a big wardrobe tidy out.

Beach style mum said...

Such a fantastic blogpost title I had to read it!! I get similar joy from grocery shopping alone. Sorry you had to deal with the "mess" when you got home!! Quiet weekend in my world. Husband away so treated my boys to milk shakes while I scoffed bacon and eggs that someone else cooked :)

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