Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcome to winter

It's been winter for a while but today it really feels like it. Grey. Cold. It's been raining on and off for days and although I've given in and am using the dryer for loads more washing than I would like to, the clothes rack is also a permanent fixture in the living room. Because did I mention that the amount of washing we are producing is astronomical? I had been told that the second child would mean a disproportionate jump in dirty clothes and I expected it, but the reality of it is quite depressing.

Also, it is the season of the cold and E has a full-blown one. A disgustingly snotty, eye streaming one. At least she can blow her own nose this winter, and so is toting around a box of tissues and a plastic bag (that just screams out " GERMS!! CONTAGIOUS!! GROSS!!") We are going through litres of hand sanitiser, my constant refrain is "please don't touch the baby" and I am disinfecting surfaces like a mad woman in an attempt for C and I not to get it too (and D, I suppose, but he gets to escape to work for 9 hours a day).

Yuckity yuck. I am going to stop complaining and go and do 10 minutes of sit ups and squats for the baby's amusement and my sanity.

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