Friday, July 18, 2014

Return to suburbia

At the beginning of 2009 we were two almost-30 lawyers living on the edge of the CBD. We poured the majority of our two incomes into the mortgage over our three bedroom apartment, or on large overseas adventures. We married in April 2009 and spent three weeks honeymooning in Italy.

Two months later we discovered I was pregnant. This was not entirely unexpected  as we had thrown out the contraceptives upon returning home. However, friends' experiences of the baby-making process had led me to believe it was likely to take us six to 12 months to succeed. Two months was somewhat of a head-spin, and in retrospect I spent the first trimester quietly and guiltily convinced (because I had done this on purpose! why wasn't I happy?!) that life post-baby was going to be far more reminiscent of Gwen Harwood's Suburban Sonnet than I wanted.

In December 2009 we gave up on the apartment and moved to our version of the suburbs (still only 15 minutes from town, but we have now have such grown-up accompaniments as lawn, roses and a wheelbarrow).
Our lovely little bundle, E, arrived in April 2010 and I was thrilled to discover that I adored her and was (lagely) happy to spend my days at home with her. Parenting definitely had its unpalatable - and certainly plenty of sleepless - moments, but on the whole I was quietly stoked - albeit a little surprised - to realise that staying home suited me.

These pages began as a reflection, celebration and record of life with a baby in the suburbs. I lost momentum about a year ago when, in between working part time and falling pregnant again, I lacked energy and enthusiasm for doing much besides sleeping in my spare time. Special bundle #2 is now three months old, Dad is back at work, E is about to return to kindy, and I'm again looking to start chronicling this lovely time in our lives.

If you haven't come to visit before - welcome! To old friends - welcome back!

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Sarah said...

Yipppeeee - welcome back to the interwebs xx

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