Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Suburban walk to kindy

E started kindy at the beginning of 2014 but we only started walking there and home part-way through term 2. Before that I was too fat and immobile, and then we were too busy adjusting to life-with-two to organise ourselves to do it. We also assumed that it would be a bit far for E to manage - it's about 1.3km each way, and it would be quite far for her to walk, but now she rides her scooter and manages very well. 

Another reason we thought it would be too far/hard to walk is that if you go by the main roads it is very busy. But if you walk alongside the ovals and netball courts it is a beautiful walk, mainly under and alongside huge gum trees, and much safer and more peaceful than via the main roads.

Also, D bought a scooter! It is the best fun riding it and means we can keep up with E who at full scooting speed is very speedy indeed. In the weeks when D was home we would all walk to/from kindy together, one of us with baby C in the Ergo and the other on the scooter. Amongst all the other reasons I am sorry D has returned to work is that I now have to carry C all the time - so no scooting for me.

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